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Digital Archives

Digital archiving organizes and preserves information in a user friendly tool for greater accessibility. Examples below include inventories of public and private art collections, databases of teaching artists and project management strategies for galleries and cultural institutions. I determine the appropriate tool in consultation with stakeholders and based on end-user needs and budgetary constraints.

Downtown Madison Street Art & Mural Project Database

In June, 2020 I produced a virtual gallery of works created for the Downton Street Art & Mural Project, administrated by the the City of Madison and the Downtown Business Improvement District. This digital archive provides community access to details about over 75 artists who participated in this project.


This project entailed:

  • Establishing record fields and form parameters

  • Administrating survey to acquire artist and artwork information & permissions

  • Accessioning the murals to correspond with the municipal art collection's pre-existing schema

  • Organizing & titling hundreds of photographs

  • Data cleanup & access distribution

As the official database for the Downtown Street Art & Mural Project, this tool is invaluable to administrators tracking the program, members of the press and community looking to learn more about the artists, and artists who are interested in having their information associated with this high-profile community project.

Use the slider (right) to scroll the database or "View larger version" to explore further

Any Given Child-Madison Teaching Artist Roster

Use the slider (right) to scroll the database or "View larger version" to explore further

The Any Given Child-Madison Teaching Artist Roster was developed in 2019 to provide local educators with searchable information on artists and arts organizations who offer residencies or workshops for PreK-12th grade students in Madison public schools.

This project entailed:

  • Working with partners from regional art centers,  teaching artists, arts educators and administrative staff to establish database parameters

  • Creating database and entry form that met task force approved record fields while also being as simple and flexible as possible

  • Sharing the form widely to attract a range of artists

  • Establishing a succession plan and integrating the database with the client's website

Overture Galleries System Management Update

Gallery Systems Analysis Poster

After a systems analysis of the administrative process of the Overture Galleries, I implemented a digital project management tool to improve communication and streamline exhibition planning. The new system reduces redundant labor and increases productivity.

This project entailed:

  • Meeting with stakeholders to identify areas of concern, duped effort and lapses in communication

  • Creating system diagrams to articulate the current process and identify improvements

  • Collaborating with a team to quickly make decisions on high impact improvements 

  • Researching project management tools

  • Building task structure to form a reusable  exhibition plan template

  • Training staff on the new process

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City of Madison Public Art Database

The City of Madison owns over 500 works of art, from paintings and prints to sculptures and murals. I instituted a digital system to catalogue the collection and make it accessible to the community. This database is a huge step towards creating an efficient and useful system for city stakeholders to better manage and track community cultural assets, while also making publicly funded artwork accessible to the public. 

This project entailed:

  • Digitizing the card inventory from 1996

  • Combining inventories from the Madison Public Library, public sculpture collection, Olbrich Botanical Gardens and data from the card inventory into a cohesive database

  • Locating, photographing and inventorying works

  • Accessioning works acquired since 1996

  • Determining ideal system requirements

  • Researching digital archive tools and collection management systems

  • Training administrative staff on accessioning practices and how to continue managing the archive

Use the slider (right) to scroll the database or "View larger version" to explore further

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